Friday, December 02, 2005

Watching your thoughts

I'm reading a book called 'The monk who sold his ferrarie' written by Robin Sharma. It will be good to share a few interesting things mentioned in the book which grabbed my attention. I'll try to put only the idea what the author is trying to convey , " anything which happens in your life is first blue printed in your mind" , so while preparing the blueprint one should be careful . That is , screeing your thoughts when it happen in your mind. Everybody will have a positive as well as negative thoughts happening in their minds as a continous process at their will or not. The positive thougts leads to good things and the negative ones might lead to destructive things. So screeing our thoughts while they happen will enable us to remove/replace the negative ones with a positive one. If this is practised for a period of time , one will get control of his/her mind.
I was actually practising this even before reading this book . The net result is , i'm less worried about silly mistakes happening around you eg., like somebody entering before you in a queue or rough driver siding you on the road. More composed and streamlined in thinking. Because i remove a unwanted thougt at the movement it starts in my mind, instead spending a considerable amount of time thinking about it and feeling frustrated at the end.
Finally , a useful book to read which I borrowed from a friend .. ;-)


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