Monday, June 26, 2006

Broomstick treatment

Our 10 months old kid got cold and fever. That day myself and my wife were sitting with our kid, our maid came to finish her morning duties in our house. Normally my kid used to talk to her (in his oun language ..) when she comes in the morning. Since he was sick he didn't reacted anything towards her. So she reached to him and asked whether he’s not feeling well. We said, " Ya , he got cold and fever ". Our maid used to talk kannada language(different from our mother tongue) but we don’t understand much of it. Same way she too don’t understand us fully.

She started telling some home remedy to us, which we really didn’t understood. But I’m better than my wife in kannada language , but I understood only one thing that she asked for turmeric powder, which is readily available in our kitchen. The other things she collected from our landlords house. Now the remedy is ready. She came with a jug of water mixed with all the items . she stood in front of the kid and rotated the jug clock wise three times and anti-clock wise three times. I thought ok , no harm even it doesn't make any sense to us. Its her good wishes that matters and she is concerned to do something what she knows. But the next thing what she did is important and funny.

She went out and brought the "Broom stick" which we use to clean our house. And in a flash she started brushing the tip of it slightly from head to body of our kid. I was little shocked , puzzled thinking what to do now. Before that she completed the ritual 3 times . No the treatment is over. My wife is also in the same state. We don’t know how to react to this act, since she is concerned on our kids well being we cant suddenly behave rudely to her about her act. We started worring whether the infection will get worse because of the dirt from the broomstick.That was the maximum we could do at that time.

Finally she went back to continue her tasks leaving us thinking about that, about how we should have reacted to that incident. But the cold and fever continued .. for the next several days .


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