Monday, June 26, 2006

Interesting and funny beleifs

I came across this funny belief during one of our trips to Kodaikannal (a beautiful hill station) . myself , Anand (a friend of mine) and an other local person were going around , i felt thirsty and we don’t have water in hand. So I asked the local person to show a natural spring nearby. In kodai other than summer season you can find springs and streams everywhere , the water also tastes good because its fresh and cool. The local person told immediately that there is one very close by . When we reached the spring I asked Anand whether he want to have water , he said " No, I will get cold if I drink this water " . Immediately the local person told , " No No , if you wash your face three times with the water and drink the water after that you will not get cold " . He started washing his face and drinking the water. Anand and myself where smiling at him , I had the water collected in a bottle for me to drink. But Anand was not convinced by this so he didn’t drink the water. We didn’t show any disagreement to the local person on his belief . We continued our journey. I had the complete 2 liter water from the bottle on that day.

I neither wash my face nor got cold the next day.


At 4:34 PM, Blogger Bala said...

These kind of belief from 'rural' to 'urban' society are quite visible. In the MNC software culture, during lunch hours, you can notice the following strange belief.

One should not hand over salt container to another person directly. If a person asks for salt, handing over it in his/her hand is considered evil and might lead to quarelling between the two. The work around is to keep the salt on the table closer to person requesting the salt!!

Habits die hard.


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