Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Funny local body elections

The elections for the Tamilnadu local bodies happened 2 days back. There is one person doing cloth Ironing service near (in front of) my house. He belongs to Tamilnadu. Few days back he said , " I'm going to native place to vote in election ". I was really wondering about his commitment to cast his vote, inspite of he missing 2 days work which might cost him a loss of 400-500 Rs . Even thou i too come from TamilNadu i dont even think about going to my hometown just to cast my vote. I felt little ashamed.
Today morning i saw him preparing to start work. I asked him , " How was the elections in home" . With smile he said , " It was ok ,i gained 1000/- Rs for 2 votes , cash 500Rs and gold worth 500Rs." He further said , " the person contesting in the election came here a week back to offer me the money to come and vote, but i denied and told him that i will come there and collect ".
Now i understood his interest in casting his vote , sorry selling his vote. The local body where he cast his vote , some ward in Ranipet Tamilnadu got around 550-560 votes altogether. So it would have cost the contestant around 300000 Rs . I dont know how much income the contestant if wins will gain out of his post.
Since all the voters who sold their vote dont have the right to talk about their RIGHT in that ward.The corporater can do whatever he want for his personal benefits. Let god save the people.


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