Tuesday, August 28, 2007

lessons for life 1.

This is not just peeling a Beetroot , Many things flashed in my mind when i was peeling off some beetroots from preparing my lunch. If you have ever tried peeling a beetroot with a kitchen knife you will know how difficult its to work with a sphere shaped object , holding it and using the knife delicately to remove the skin without removing much of the stuff under that. The important thing here is the ups and downs hills and valleys in the sphere which makes it difficult to make a even peeling. Since i only purchased them , i remember picking the good ones by JUST verifying they are not damaged or rotten .At that time i was not thinking about the peeling task involved . If i would have picked slightly bigger ones and ones which have a even surface , it would have been easy for me to peel it properly and faster to cook. The important thing here is while purchasing something which is of low monitory value, we don't think much of it, which keeps life easy and even if gives a monitory loss it will not hurt.
But some times we will do the same mistake in expensive purchases and in things which we might be using for long time . I remember how i purchased my motorbike .When i purchased, the particular bike was newly introduced in the market , look wise its very stylish .I read a few reviews in the internet about the bike. That's all i've decided, i purchased it. Now after an year , it gives very low average (mileage) and the pickup is not that great , the style is old now after the arrival of new models.. the resale value is very minimal. So the only factor i considerd "STYLE" is over , all other factor come front now. So its always important that we need to think about what we expect out of the thing which we are planning to buy . The wooing advt will promote what is there in the product and not what we want in that. For features you may never use you might be paying a premium . So look for what you want instead of what and all is there in that.


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