Sunday, July 13, 2008

A good salesman who failed .

We went to purchase dress for myself to Rymonds show room in Coimbatore. There was not many people in the store. A polite salesman attended us in a sincere and professional way. On seeing him i remembered seeing him in the same store several years back. I asked him, "i've seen you many years back in this store". He proudly said, "Ya , I'm working in this store for the last 25 years" . I was really surprised on hearing that, a person working in a private firm for a such a long time. I was thinking he must he really used to that place and satisfied with the job. We finished selecting our dress and went for billing. After billing , i took the bill and just had a look at what is what. I was little doubtful about one of the entry in the bill. I asked another person who do the billing in the counter about this excess amount. He verified and said , you are right sir, the rate for trouser material is entered for shirt material as well. The salesman made the mistake he said. He called the salesman to bring the items back and correct it. The salesman and the billing person apologized for the mistake. But still the image of the salesman, the experienced sales man in me was damaged.

After finishing this, we were looking for a shop to buy inner garments for me. We were just looking around standing near our car. There was a shop in one of the by-lanes, small one. We decided to go there and buy, we went and asked for a particular size . He gave me one from a brand which i'm aware of. I saw the piece just like that and asked him the price. He told me the price. I said, "ok, pack it" and took my purse to pay. The salesman said, "sir, can you please open and verify the size and length and check whether it suits you " . I opened the piece and checked the same. Then paid the bill amount. When we turned out to leave, he said , "sir please do come if you want anything else" . I was really impressed by this salesman , "His professional approach, his sincerity towards giving the customer the right product so that they will come back the next time. Even thou i decided to take the item without doing the basic check , he insisted me to do so.


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